Spindle Lubricating Machine (Nihon type)

Spindle Lubricating Machine having specially designed Flushing and Topping Guns. Spindle Lubricating Machine runs on Single Phase 0.5 HP Power. Machine having 4 Nos. Gear Pump for thorough cleaning of Bolster. Machine sucks old oil from bolster and flushes out contamination from neck bearing. Spindle Lubricating Machine top up new oil with auto level system gun for lessen the spillage and saves costly oil.

  • Four wheel trolley.
  • 3 Tank system & four gear pumps.
  • High efficiency bloster cleaning by special gun having S.S. cleaning nozzle which flushes neck bearing with oil at high pressure (4 kg./cm2)
  • Dirty sucked oil is collected in an third tank (i.e. used oil is not mixed with new oil)
  • Filesible topping nozzle design same can be used for all bloster, the auto leaving system ensures better consistency & repeatability.
  • Height of oil is easily adjustable depending on the type of bloster.

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