Pneumatically Operated Calendering Machine

Pneumatically Operated Calendering Machine works on Pneumatic cylinder for uniform pressure on the cots. This Machine used for to remove air pocket and bubbles from rubber cots. Also Machine having timer for the running process.

  • Compact Design of a table model machine having 3 rollers in the working drawer on a bush bearing, 2 idle rollers on the top of the machine gives a uniform pressure by pneumatic air to the top roller while calendaring.
  • Positive drive for the rollers is provided to give a maximum & uniform pressureto the mounted rollers.
  • The top cover of the machine is also adjustable according to the dia. of roller.
  • Reduction gear box with the positive drive gear for efficient working of the machine.
  • Timer & on-off switch is provided with the machine for automatic calendaring by pneumatic pressure. No manual operation is required for calendaring.

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